Giessen Professors!

This spring we are visiting lecturers at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at Giessen University, Germany. The Institute has spawned plenty of contemporary performance and theatre artists, including our very own Berit Stumpf and Johanna Freiburg. The development of …


Photo: Garrett Davis/Capture Imaging

Hello. We are Gob Squad, a group of UK and German artists. We make performances and videos which search for beauty in the everyday, and look for words of wisdom from a passing stranger. We are an artists collective, the seven core members working collaboratively on the concept, direction and performance of our work. Other artists, performers and technicians are invited to collaborate on particular projects.

More about us

Social distancing sounds like the opposite of what Gob Squad is all about. But let’s do it  for as long as necessary and hope to see each other soon.

SNS in Berlin April 2020

Super Night Shot
Berlin, Germany

01/04/2020 - 02/04/2020

Shows cancelled!

HAU - Hebbel am Ufer

WES in Berlin April 2020

Western Society
Berlin, Germany

04/04/2020 - 05/04/2020

Shows cancelled!

HAU - Hebbel am Ufer

CPD in Dresden May 2020

Creation (Pictures for Dorian)
Dresden, Germany

08/05/2020 - 09/05/2020


SNS in Norwich May 2020

Super Night Shot
Norwich, UK

19/05/2020 - 20/05/2020

Shows cancelled!

N&N Festival