How We Work



New ideas for projects come from many places: sometimes when we are working on something, we have ideas that don’t fit into the thing we are working on, or a particular aspect from an existing work can later become the starting point for new projects. Ideas can also come in the middle of a sleepless nights or from a producer or institution that wants to present work in a particular context or with a theme. Ideas for us are always a cluster of things rather than a single entity, which fits with our collective working process.

In the very beginning we tend to do lots of talking round a big table and writing project descriptions, outlining treatments of something we imagine. This is often over 2 years before the thing actually meets an audience. Once we get into a working space we go through a period of trying stuff out and reflecting on it. Within the group we take turns in performing and viewing the ideas we are trying, which result in building blocks that we eventually start to structure into a finished work. On some days it can feel like we are going nowhere and everyone tries to remain calm, knowing that its an important part of the process. Finally whatever we have made meets an audience and inevitably takes on a new life. It’s normal that if it’s a live project, it continues to change beyond its premiere.

To find out more about all aspects of our working process please visit Gob Squad FAQ,  full of video interviews where we try to answer the questions we are most frequently asked by students, critics and audiences.