Handle With Care

Handle with Care – An instruction

When you’re sad, lonely or completely overwhelmed, then grandma, dad, your best friend or your neighbour steps in to make you a hearty soup. Together, you savour its warmth as you start to put the world to rights… If only! Most of us live far away from this fictional grandma or family, don’t even know the name of the supposedly friendly neighbour, and the best friend has their own shit to deal with.

In a world which puts capital over care, Gob Squad, accompanied by HAU to connect, have tried to get to know the neighbourhood. Time and again they have been guests at Mehringplatz and were warmly welcomed. Now it’s time to return the hospitality. Together with the neighbours, Gob Squad take over HAU1 to cook, talk, eat and sing together – and to ask under what circumstances we can come together. Handle with Care is in search of new communities and new approaches towards a better world.

After the successful opening run at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in December 2023, the project has connected with local people in around the area of Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig for performances in January/February 2024.