Is Anybody Home?

A Live Film

This is the front door to where I live, isn’t it?  And this is my key? Is anybody home? OK, I’m going in… Is this my own room here?  And this big double bed, it’s mine, right?  All just for me! I‘m so exhausted. I’m going to lie down now. But first of all, tell me: What gets me out of bed in the morning? Am I happy here?

Gob Squad have made an interactive live film in which empathy and the idea of sharing the experience of others are taken to the extreme. Each night the performers swap places with a new local guest who is invited to watch a film, set in their own private apartment. While the film unfolds live in the theatre before their very eyes, boundaries of privacy and property are constantly being negotiated, strangers’ beds are slept in and bodies are taken over. Where do you start, and where do I end? Is this a nightmare or a dream to come true?

Meanwhile on the streets, we see another body on a mysterious fairytale-like quest. What is home outside of four walls? Where do we find the opening in the membrane of the private, to make connections rather than draw divisions? Where can we come together? In the theatre? In a stranger’s house? In my body? Our minds? On the streets? Is anybody home?