This is not a line but part of a very big circle

Audiowalks in Copenhagen

“Urban living has always tended to produce a sentimental view of nature. Nature is thought of as a garden, or a view framed by a window, or as an arena of freedom.”
The White Bird, By John Berger

As part of a double bill called “Parklife” Gob Squad will make a participatory audio work called
This is not a line but part of a very big circle which can be experienced in Copenhagen, together with Erik Polds Audio work The Lion. Both events are free, you need to bring a smartphone and headphones the times given below.

We city people like nature, but only when it’s neat and pretty. We want to see it in a picture, not in a wild chaos. We want to relax in a park, not in a jungle that might bite us and make us itch. We want a moment in  paradise that makes us feel good and pure, like the first humans we read about in the creation of everything.

Gob Squad will take you to Ørstedsparken, a beautiful park that blends with the city. But as you walk around you will find some hints that nature is not always so nice and calm. Sometimes it is scary and messy, and so are we. We have feelings that don’t fit in the frame, that pull us in different ways, that make us curious and confused. The audio walk will be fun and playful, but will also dive you into a world of surprises and secrets, of longing, encounters and departures.

The title references a piece from Yoko Ono and speaks of life cycles and the perception of seeing only a small part of something gigantic and greater than us.