Gob Squad wins Tabori Prize 2020!

Breaking News: Gob Squad has been awarded the 2020 Tabori prize, Germany’s highest honour for performing arts in the independent sector! We are so very proud to receive it. George Tabori (pictured) rejected the term ‘director’. We do too. We have always asserted our identity as a collective and in recent years it’s been heartening to see that collective authorship in theatre and performance has been more widely acknowledged.

The collective which makes Gob Squad projects possible is so much larger than the faces you see on stage. It includes our office team, our production team, a huge family of artistic collaborators as well as supporters from venues and festivals who have become dependable partners: we are so lucky to live in a country which funds the making of art!

‘Social distancing’, although obviously completely necessary at the moment, flies in the face of everything Gob Squad is about. At the heart of most of our projects is a tender point of contact between humans, often strangers: a touch, a dance, a kiss… We look forward to the time when such simple, small encounters might be possible once again.

We miss you and hope to see you soon! (Next opportunity: the world premiere live-stream of Show Me A Good Time on 20.06.2020.)
Catch up with the online Tabori Prize ceremony here.