Me the Monster

A reintegration-programme in 6 steps

Think of yourself as a monster, go on try it…
think of yourself as a monster as you wash the car you’re so proud of or as you walk the passages of Ikea with your pencil and notebook in hand….think of how essentially evil you are, as you unload the dishwasher and how you strike fear into anyone who comes near you as you order a white wine spritzer.

Try to imagine that you have a twisted sense of moral judgement as you condition your hair. When you pack your range of protection factor 30 to protection factor 4 sun tan lotions imagine you could disregard anothers right to life.

As you log on, feel the melancholy that all monsters feel, the melancholy of loneliness and disconnection from the world – but log on anyway.

A performance developed in a series of workshops and residencies exploring fear and its cultural manifestations.

First performance: 1. June 2006 (Prater der Volksbühne, Berlin)