Close Enough To Kiss

I am 17
I am a natural blonde
I am afraid of flying
I am the next big thing
I am a non-smoker
I am a Virgo
I am a liar
I am taking my time
I am a class ‘A’
I am very photogenic
I am cold
I am good with children
I am looking at you right now

Where: a dead end corridor made of 2-way mirrored perspex

Who: audience wandering round the corridor, deciding on viewing distance; 6 perfomers checking their appearance in the mirror; a man making an entrance through a door (again and again); a woman on a stool pretending to talk about herself; a woman flying on an ironing board; a princess singing „Fly me to the Moon“ in a thin voice; a man on a toy telephone, spraying his face with water; a blindfolded woman, trapped in a corridor full of junk.

What: lighting (changing the mirror effect from inside to outside and back again); the gaze of both performers and audience; reflections in the mirror; slow motion movement; white noise; a beat; 6 people posing; a sound which makes things disappear; various props (1 red lipstick, 1 Marilyn Monroe dress, 1 magnifying glass, 1 camera, 6 dog masks, 1 box of soap flakes, 1 fan, 1 piece of wood print wall paper, 1 piece of red brick wallpaper, 1 cherry tree backdrop, 1 carpet of fake grass, 1 butterfly on a stick, 3 white fluffy bunnies, 1 hula-hula chain, 1 cow mask, 1 sheep mask, a clock, a plate printed with a beautiful landscape, 2 pair of high heel shoes for men, 1 LED display board full of confessions, hand written signs describing smells and sounds,1 bubble machine)